Happy International Workers Day! Production has begun!!

Happy International Workers Day! 

And it's less than 10 days to the end of the project. Please share our project so that your friends won't be missing out on this awesome deal! 

Great news! We have begun production much earlier than our intended date so that would mean earlier delivery times. Starting early does have its benefits in any case of delays as it's never always sunshine and rainbows. 

We are working with the factory to bring down the box size so we can bring down the shipping cost for you!

We also made some changes to our thank you card so that you & future users will know what they will be getting in their box, not making it a hot mess.

Here is what it looks like!

We had famous PUBG Mobile & Mobile Legends BluePanda (1.7m Subs on YouTube) do a unboxing and review of the product. You can check it our right down here! Give him a thumbs up if you like his video, subscribe and share it as well!

International Shipping & Taxes 

Now posted in 3 updates, please don’t be the backer who yells at us after because your country charges import fees. We don’t like them either.

We decided to not include international shipping in Kickstarter so that it's excluded from Kickstarter's commissions -- and that savings can be given back to you.

When the campaign is over, we’ll send out the post-Kickstarter surveys where you will be able to enter your shipping details. Depending on what you have in your cart and where it’s shipping, we will calculate the import fees required for that country and charge you for them.

So we just want to give you a heads up now, if you hate import fees like us and want to bail on the project we don’t blame you. We totally understand and would rather do it now than when we’re ready to ship.