StygianForce Professionals Kit
StygianForce Professionals KitStygianForce Professionals KitStygianForce Professionals KitStygianForce Professionals KitStygianForce Professionals KitStygianForce Professionals Kit
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Do I need the StygianForce Professionals Kit? 

Of course! Smartphones were not physically designed for gaming and the discomfort from trying to wrestle the phone while gaming is a hindrance to performance. 

As a result, not only did we come up with a better controller alternative, we worked on 5 more solutions to tackle the other problems faced. 

Without the right gear, it's half the battle lost.   


Multi-Functional, Endless Benefits

StygianForce MobileGrip™ is complete with supporting features like:

• our special rubber synthetic coating to curb sweaty palms

• the viscoelastic foam that nestles around your phone to provide a cushion for shock absorption

telescopic boom design tailored to a variety of phones sizes

design specific cutouts to enable seamless use of add-ons like charging cable, headphones or MobileTrigger™.

Changing the GripLocks™ is as easy as 1,2 & 3!

StygianForce MobileGrip has an ergonomic silhouette akin to iconic first-rate flagship gaming controllers which improves performance, comfort and maximise hand use. Personalise individual perfection with 3 different interchangeable GripLocks™ to suit different finger sizes and games. 

1. Leisure
2. Original
3. Action-Ready

What is Analog? Imagine Using Less to Benefit More!


Aim Faster, Shoot Quicker, Get Better!

Engineered with features like instantaneous response time (1 ms), anti-slip protection, advanced tactile feedback and ability to game with 4 fingers (or "Claw Grip") instead of being stuck with just 2 thumbs, the MobileTrigger™ makes leaps and bounds to your performance.

To push the boundaries of speed and tactile response, instead of the conventional plastic, casting the triggering points in aluminium has a resulting actuation force of 80g which gives you the highly desirable tactile feedback that you crave when gunning down your enemies.

The 4mm actuation point is calculated as the most optimal distance for reset and actuation to rack up more triggerfires at an insane speed, maximizing Actions Per Minute ("APM") during fast-paced games. 

Easy Quick Setup


The Best Upkeep for the Best Gears

Have you ever missed that game changing ultimate or missed that quick-scope headshot because your phone screen was too oily and slippery?

It is a shame to spend thousands of $$$ for the best gaming smartphone for that gaming edge and yet suffer from mistakes like this. 

Device maintenance and proper upkeep is just as important as the gear you need.

The MicroFiber Cloth is positively charged to absorb and remove negatively charged dust, dirt, liquid stains, grime and most importantly oily fingerprints smudges after each greasy palm sweaty gaming session.


Game Better by Feeling Better

Proper phone sanitation is one of the most poorly addressed issues. Even then, what most people do is they ignore it or use improper methods which risk damaging their phones. 

That is a huge mistake. Don't be that person. You do not go wrong investing in quality.

StygianForce Mobile Care Wipes™ is designed to be phone-safe, and is tested clinically safe to be used on your own skin. 

Safely clean and disinfect with our potent antibacterial disinfecting wipes - kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and remove any common allergens on your phone screen. 

In the SF Pro Kit, there are 10 sets of 2 disposable sachets. Each set of 2 contains 1 Wet Wipe for a disinfecting wash down and 1 Dry Wipe to remove any excess or remaining dirt.


One Size Fit All

Bring your gaming accessories out has never been easier. Never worry about loose pieces or not be able to find what you need ever again. 

Compact in size for easy access when you need it on the go makes it ideal to house your StygianForce mobile gaming accessories. It also helps store things like your power bank, ear buds or power brick.



Phone Sizes: less than 158.4mm (6.24")

  • Google Pixel 2 XL (6.22")

  • Google Pixel 3 (5.73")

  • Google Pixel 3 XL (6.22")
  • Honor 9N (5.87")

  • Huawei Mate 20 (6.23")

  • Huawei Mate 20 Pro (6.21")

  • iPhone 8 (5.45")

  • iPhone 8+ (6.24")

  • iPhone XR (5.65")

  • iPhone XS (5.65")

  • iPhone XS Max (6.2")

  • OnePlus 6T (6.2")

  • Oppo F9 (6.17")

  • Samsung S8 (5.86")

  • Samsung S9 (5.81")

  • Samsung S9+ (6.22")

  • Samsung S10 (5.9")

  • Samsung S10+ (6.2")

  • Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 (6.22")

  • Xiaomi Pocophone F1 (6.12")


Phone Sizes: more than158.4mm (6.24")

  • Samsung S8+ (6.28")

  • Samsung Note 8 (6.40")

  • Samsung Note 9 (6.40")
  • Huawei Mate 20X (7.20")

  • ROG Phone (6.25")

  • Xiaomi Mi Max 3 (6.94")

  • LG V40 Thinq (6.25")

  • Razer Phone (6.24" / 158.5mm)

  • Razer Phone 2 (6.24" / 158.5mm)



Approximate Size: 139mm x 40mm x 95mm

Approximate Size (Stretched): 

158.4mm x 40mm x 95mm

Approximate Weight: 306g


Approximate Size: 43mm x 10mm x 23mm

Approximate Weight: 30g

MicroFiber Cloth

Approximate Size: 150mm x 150mm

Approximate Weight: 3g

Mobile Care Wipes™

Packaging Approximate Size: 6mm x 6mm

Fabric Approximate Size: 10mm x 10mm

Approximate Weight: 3g

Leather Carrying Pouch

Approximate Size: 230mm x 20mm x 170mm

Approximate Weight: 20g


1x MobileGrip™

1x Pair of MobileTriggers™

1x MicroFiber Cloth

10x Mobile Care Wipes™

1x Leather Carrying Pouch